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FRINGE WORLD is a summer celebration held in Perth and Western Australia each year. 

It’s the largest annual event in WA and the third largest Fringe in the world. The 2021 FRINGE WORLD Festival will run for 31 days from 15 January - 14 February.

The program of events is all about variety and offering something for absolutely everyone. The line-up includes comedy, circus, free and family entertainment, theatre, visual arts, musicals, dance and cabaret presented by Western Australian artists along with performers from all over the world.

We’ve been entertaining the people of Perth with Fringe entertainment since 2011 and we can’t wait to see the city come alive again in Jan 2021!​


FRINGE WORLD 2021: Friday 15 January - 14 February

Who produces FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD is produced by ARTRAGE Inc., a not for profit registered charity whose purpose is to enrich and evolve the culture of Western Australia. ARTRAGE was founded in 1983 and is one of the oldest arts organisations in WA.

Alongside producing FRINGE WORLD, ARTRAGE INC also produces and manages a number of other arts and entertainment enterprises including Rooftop Movies and Girls School Cinema.

For more information about ARTRAGE and FRINGE WORLD, please read the 2020 ARTRAGE Impact Report.

I'm an artist. Can I perform in the Festival?

FRINGE WORLD is an open-access Festival, which means that artists from anywhere in the world can register to be part of the event. 

Click here to find out how to register for the 2021 Festival.

Can I work/volunteer with the Festival?

Click here to read about the latest jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Sign up to our e-news and keep an eye on our Facebook page for future notifications about jobs and volunteer opportunities with FRINGE WORLD. 

How can I give feedback to FRINGE WORLD?

We welcome customer feedback, comments and questions at any time! Just fill out our Contact Us form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

At the conclusion of each Festival we invite audiences to complete our survey, which is an opportunity to provide comprehensive feedback. Key results and findings of this survey are then referred to by our team in the planning and development of future festivals. We also publish highlights from all our surveying in this annual Impact Report.

I'm a venue manager. Can my venue be part of FRINGE WORLD?

FRINGE WORLD is an open-access Festival and there are a number of ways that Perth venues can be part of the event. Venues, like artists, need to register their interest with the Festival. 

Click here to find out how to register for the 2021 Festival.


What is the cut-off date for becoming a Friend?

FRINGE WORLD Friends is an annual subscription program and the benefits for 2020 Friends run until 30 September 2020.

What are the benefits becoming a Friend?

FRINGE WORLD Friends will receive some magical treats in 2020!

These include access to early release tickets, Friends Frenzy 30% off discounted tickets, Skip the line multipass and more! See the Friends page to see the full list of benefits.

The annual subscription fee is $40

The 2020 FRINGE WORLD Friends subscription expires 30 September 2020.

Read our Terms and Conditions for more detail about this club. 

Simply click the button below to add a Friends subscription to your cart. You will need to login to complete your transaction.

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